About Us

The PayMasters

Ever hear the term Jack of all trades but master of none ?  Well, we are the masters of the payroll.

Our Mission  is to allow our clients to focus on what’s important in their business, while we focus on their payroll.

Hi my name is Patrick Hegarty and I am a director here at the Paymasters. I have been involved in the payroll industry for  nearly  30 years and I have learned a few things, one being, Just having good payroll software is not enough, you need to know how to use it and use it well. This is the benefit which we provide our customers, consistently high levels of competency with the payroll software solutions and the current legislation.

In 2001 we commenced offering our payroll services in New Zealand as PayNet (NZ) Ltd with our offices based in Hawkes Bay. In 2015 we purchased The Paymasters Limited and merged the two businesses.  Since then the business has grown significantly as companies continue to understand the real value of an outsourced payroll service. We continue to run from our two locations in Auckland and Hawkes Bay – Servicing clients all over New Zealand.



Patrick Hegarty                 Director/Operations Manager

Carolyn Hegarty                Director/Finance Manager

Penny Varley                     Payroll Consultant

Kelly Amon                         Payroll consultant

Sarah Angus                       Payroll Consultant

Debbie Stirling                   Payroll Consultant